I just found out that the coComment plugin works with Flock. This kicks all kinds of ass, especially since I just installed the new Firefox beta (I’m a sucker for a beta) as my “other” browser and discovered that the coComment plugin wouldn’t work on it. Because it technically doesn’t exist yet. (It’s really cool, though. Has a lot more in common with Flock now, actually. Heh.)

I’m loving the Flock thing, in case you can’t tell. It occurred to me today actually that Not So might want to download Flock for the Flickr uploading alone. His Windows uploader is pretty sparse. (I wonder if there’s a Firefox/Flickr plugin. I should check. Because I am like that.)

Oh, and I just posted a personal portfolio site on our neumanbeck server - it might still be wonky, so any feedback is appreciated. Hint, hint.

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