Back in…sometime last year (the pregnant months, they blend) I got a loan to cover the next quarter’s worth of school supplies. One of the classes I thought I’d be taking was Intermediate Algebra. Art school doesn’t ask much of you in the math department, but if you’re seriously numerically anemic like me, College Math is an ever-present spectre. Looming. Like a big black graphic calculator of doom.

Anyway, the textbook for College Math, according to last year’s syllabus, was to be the same as the textbook for Prerequisite to College Math, which, um, I also had to take. So I had the textbook. Ha! said I. One textbook for two classes! I WIN! And then I laughed maniacally, because I was jacked up on third trimester hormones.

But College Math was not on my schedule until summer session, which started yesterday. I marched into the classroom (virtually; this is online art school, after all) armed with my old book, only to discover…they changed the materials requirements.

The class now requires a spanky new book. A $124 spanky new book. You know what I don’t have? I will give you a clue:

Elementary and Intermediate Algebra - With CD (4TH 06 Edition) Cover

So, yeah. There was panic. Because I’m really not going to be able to pass my math class if I don’t even have the book.

But wait! There is a happy ending! Postpone your despair until finals time!

My sister generously caved to my pathetic entreaties and bought me the big red book of algebraic doom. Thank you, sister! Now there is nothing standing between me and a passing grade. Except my brain, of course.

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