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cough, cough

Or, I guess, sniffle sniffle would be more accurate, but whatevs. I’m getting sick. I can feel it in my head, in my poor beleaguered sinuses, in my cannot-drag-self-out-of-bed-to-save-life-ness. I woke up this morning and immediately needed a nap. Waking up: it’s harder than it looks!

But I don’t have time to be sick…or do I? Reassuringly, my husband just began a sentence “Well, he was standing at the sink with the bottle of shaving cream,” and it did not end with anyone needing to be hosed off. Clearly things are fine without me.

As an aside: somehow I have taught my son to cackle maniacally after giving kisses. “Mwah! Ha ha ha!” It’s hilarious, yet I wonder how this will go over when he’s playground age. Will he be the creepy kid chasing the girls for kisses and then running off with a sinister laugh? Given my playground hijinks I suspect the answer is, tragically, yes.

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  1. Mary
    Posted November 11, 2007 at 8:44 pm | Permalink

    That comment sounded awfully familiar to the one I heard that started, “Well, Tiffany seems to be alright, because if she had electrocuted herself I’m pretty sure she would have stopped breathing…”

    Some things should be required to be heard while receiving a stiff drink. Hope you feel better soon, dear.

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