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I am full of tired. We just got back from a baby shower for one of Not So’s coworkers, which was a surprising amount of fun (I say ’surprising’ because I usually shrink in fear from social occasions which involve people I don’t know). Happy Fun Baby ran around with the other kids and had a grand time, and I got to hang out with people, and I even ate a little. Good times.

Now, of course, we’re home, and I’m facing the reality of being 4000 words behind on NaNoWriMo. Worse, Not So is even more behind, which leaves me torn - do I slog on despite that, or do I hold off until he’s had a chance to catch up with me so he doesn’t feel all discouraged? Because, see, I’ve written books before. Writing one in a month is a challenge, but it’s not the same challenge as writing one at all. I love that he’s doing this, and I want to be supportive…but I also want to finish my book. What to do, what to do.

I bit my tongue earlier today and now it’s all swollen and hurty. It rubs against my teeth when I talk. Waah.

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