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running (out of steam)

As you can see (from a screenshot! Of the sidebar! Of this very blog! Oh, I am so meta it hurts), I’ve completely and utterly failed in my goal to run 10 times in 4 weeks. According to my widget, I have 7 days to finish 8 runs. Which, sure. I could. But, let’s be serious people, I won’t. Some people say “Don’t start something unless you can finish it.” I say “Don’t fail quietly when you could fail spectacularly.” (Actually I don’t say that at all. Except that I just did.)

Seriously, though? I’ve been too busy to jog (even the sad, short little jogs of yestermonth). Projects deadlining, photo shoots, print work, proposals (to clients; I’m not looking to expand my marital options), school, sick babies, PMS, toymaking, med-juggling…it’s been a three-ring circus around here, and not the nice Ringling Bros. kind. (What am I even talking about? Am I about to embark on a metaphor about evil clowns? Everyone knows I love evil clowns.)

School in particular is pissing me off. First, there was the schedule. Two classes this session instead of my usual one. Each session is 5.5 weeks long, so two classes are going to make my head spin, but whatever. Then there was the bill, which I thought surely, surely was a mistake. I even called, laughing: “Someone misplaced a decimal point! Can you send me a new bill, with my real balance?” But no. There was no misplaced decimal point. Since I am taking two classes instead of my usual one, my financial aid won’t cover the difference in tuition. I can’t not take the extra class, since - and this was news to me - my graduation date has been moved from next spring to the middle of December. So, uh, yay? Except not, since apparently I have to pull $2500 out of the air and bestow it upon my learning institution. Yes please, allow me to pay you for the privilege of putting me $30,000 in debt! Please, sir, may I have another?

But, whatever. (Is this becoming my mantra?) I’ll be done with school in December (apparently), so at least I can take a break before deciding whether I want to go back to get my Bachelor’s. (Yes. This is only an Associate’s degree. I suck.) Part of me still wishes I was working toward somehow attending the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, but since a) I have a web design company now and b) I do not live in or near Iowa, I guess it’s time to let that one go. Despite my regular check-ins, my husband is still unwilling to uproot us and live in Iowa for a year while I get my geek on. (The Iowa question is second only to “Don’t you want another one,” to which the answer, also, continues to be “No.”) Instead, I will have a useless degree to assist me in starting a career I already have. Go me!

Oh, doom! Oh, gloom! Would you believe that I’m actually feeling better?


  1. Non-Traditional
    Posted October 15, 2007 at 5:32 pm | Permalink

    Ah. School. At least you have some sort of end in sight. I have just been accepted to my degree-granting school and have an “anticipated” graduation date of May 2010. Did I mention that I started school in 1998? Fun.

    BUT….on a happier/more uplifting note (for you, I hope!), you DO have me beat on the number of runs. I decided a few weeks ago that I would get back into shape. It didn’t matter that I have no time. The commercial on the radio says “There are 1440 minutes in the day. ANYBODY can find 30 of them for exercise.” So, that means me too, right? Wrong. Exercising seriously cuts into my lying on the couch and watching TV while eating an entire box of Cheez-Its time. But, I did manage to find the time to run a whole half mile with my boyfriend one day about 3 weeks ago. And the most surprising part?? I didn’t die! Amazing, I know. And after 2 or 3 days with pretty sore legs, I didn’t do it again. So, there’s your silver lining. You totally beat me with your two runs! YOU ROCK! Hee.

  2. Posted October 15, 2007 at 6:29 pm | Permalink

    Hee. However, here’s the part I left out: the first time I went on a run? I totally didn’t do it again. For like a year. So you’ve got time!

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