Site has lovely new theme (Tarski) and header (me). I keep pulling up the page just to admire my handiwork. The husband, he mocks.

I’m having issues with both WordPress and our server, though, and my issue is that they’re both too slow. I’m an instant gratification sort of girl, and not being able to access my site when I want to sets my teeth on edge. The server issue should be resolved relatively soon; it was hacked, and apparently still has emotional issues, but those are being worked out with therapy and the help of a new router. WordPress might be another story. I like the idea of WordPress. It’s all open-source and easy install and let’s be BFF, kay? And I want to be BFF, I do, but I also want my site to load quickly, and so far it isn’t happening.

I’m using version 2.0, and I guess there’s a 2.0.2, but the upgrade looks like it’ll be a bitch. Not that I handle that side of things; it’d be a bitch for Not So, and I don’t even know if upgrading would help. (Anyone with WordPress wisdom please weigh in on this.) I’ve considered switching to MovableType, but like I said, I want to love WordPress. And I love the way my site looks now, so I’m not eager to re-do it. We’ll see, though. One more day of constantly hitting the refresh key might change my mind.

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