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behold: the baby who refuses to nap

Yes, friends, that is the face of the baby who refuses to nap. A cute face, though somewhat more full of motion than his mama would like. (Also: floor clothes! His new favorite thing is emptying his dresser drawers of clothing and filling them with things like crayons and shoes. Getting dressed in the morning = challenging.) I do not understand the Nap Strike. If I were offered the chance to nap every day, would I not take it? That is clearly rhetorical, and I will spare you my enthusiastic HELL YES. For the sake of the children.

This morning began on an inauspicious note: after dressing the child in what can only be described as the Cutest Freaking Outfit Ever (it involved a Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie, and you have not seen cute until you have seen my kid working the Burton duds) we went downstairs to acquire foot coverings, at which time Happy Fun Baby found a full cup of water that someone had left in his reach. You know where this is going. I did consider just cramming his soggy feet into his skater shoes and fleeing the scene, but that only lasted as long as it took me to discover that his whole outfit was soaked. Sigh.

Then, of course (of course) we got to the office to find that the internet was not so much with the connecting. Phone call to ISP revealed, eventually, that the property management team had apparently decided to re-do the roof. Where the antenna is located. Without telling anyone. So strike two, and I had to conduct my client meeting with a series of gestures and a winning smile instead of an online walk-through. Oh, and did I mention that my child took the opportunity to fill his diaper mere moments before the client arrived? Welcome to my office; this is a scent I like to call Eau de Excrement. Would you like to give me some money?

So now we are home, where there is internet, and also a place where the baby could quite reasonably nap, were he the napping sort. There was an incident involving peanut butter a little bit earlier, but I will spare you all the details. Mr. No-Nap is now entertaining himself by throwing things under the baby gate at the top of the stairs. Apparently they make an entertaining show of tumbling ever downward. Hooray!

Someone here needs a nap, anyway. It might not be the baby.

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  1. Mrs. Flinger
    Posted April 12, 2007 at 9:45 pm | Permalink

    I know the days my daughter doesn’t nap are the ones I need a stiff drink. This worked well until about 7 months ago.

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