Today has been somewhat…trying. I’m trying to tweak the CSS of a WordPress theme that would be perfect for my upcoming copywriting service website (because…I didn’t have enough side projects going on?) but since I’m functionally illiterate in CSS, it isn’t working. I’ve been trying to catch up on the housework, but Happy Fun Baby is going through a demanding phase, in that he demands to be held while simultaneously demanding to not be held. Yeah, but just try explaining illogic to a ten month old.

Seriously, though? This whole growing thing he insists on doing is causing no end of grief for his poor mama. Every day he can reach something he couldn’t reach the day before, meaning my clever “childproofing” method, which involves moving things I don’t want him to have onto a surface he can’t reach, is failing spectacularly.

When he finally went down (for what turned out to be a 20-minute nap, but I didn’t know that yet) I started the involved process of reorganizing my the desk. (I keep calling it “my” desk because it used to be my desk but is now the “shared” desk. Much like everything else in my world. Er, the world.) As I was stacking things on the chair in preparation for an extravaganza of sorting, a huge, white spider crawled up the chair back.

The spider is a symbol of poisonous and sinful desires, on one hand, and an emblem of skilful and creative attitudes, on the other hand. If you dream of a spider, you’d better be honest and work hard in order to be happy and successful. To dream of a spider sitting on your skin: you need to be ready to fight provocation and worries. Sometimes a spider represents female seduction which “devours” of the male, in this case reconsider your behaviour, it may look patronizing, overprotective or demanding.

Dream-Land’s Dream Dictionary - Find Dream Symbol Interpretation

Okay, so I didn’t exactly dream of a spider. I manifested one on my the office chair using the power of my brain. Also: MEEP. (Spider phobia. Have I mentioned my spider phobia?)

After leaping backward and gasping loudly enough to wake the dead, I ran upstairs (circumventing the chair by as many feet as possible) and grabbed the handvac, which I used to suck the spider into oblivion. Which, naturally, woke the baby, thus ending any hopes I might have had of making the desk a safer place for humanity.

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