I have an announcement to make. Last night? I slept.

Allow me a moment to savor that sentence. I slept last night. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? I like the way the word sleep rolls off the tongue. Sleeeeeeeep.

Happy Fun Baby only woke up once or twice last night, and they were just little wake-ups, not the full-blown screaming fits he’s had lately. (Also, the last of his impending teeth broke the surface yesterday…think the two are related?) After Not So left for work this morning, the baby and I snuggled up together and slept solidly until 9. He fussed a bit but then woke the rest of the way and gave me his patented 500-watt morning smile. Instead of wriggling out of bed right away like he usually does, Happy Fun Baby snuggled and played with my hair and sang me some baby songs and pulled the blanket over our heads. He played with my hands and poked me in the eye (…okay, that wasn’t so much fun) and gave me big wet baby kisses. We lounged around in bed for a whole half hour, and when we got up he played in his nursery while I did some laundry.

Yes. My child has been replaced by a pod baby. You don’t see me complaining, do you?

Seriously, guys, this sleep thing? Better than drugs. I was noticing while replying to some e-mails that I can actually think. I haven’t felt clear-headed in weeks. There’s been this underlying sense of desperation to everything which has dissipated like morning fog. Do you hear that? I am using a simile. I must be feeling better.

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