The baby = still teething. I don’t even think the word “tired” still applies to me. What comes after tired and before dead?

Since the first thing to go is the mind, I was looking around for online grocery shopping lists, because clearly the thing I need is more technology. Gadgets will save me! Besides, when has the internet ever let me down?

I did not find anything resembling a useful internet-based grocery list keeper (…stupid internet), but let me tell you what I did find:

  1. A spooftastic article about Joss Whedon’s grocery list. I would watch that show. Just sayin’.
  2. Backpack! I’ve been avoiding Backpack and its ilk for what seems like forever but was more likely a couple of months. Now I wonder why. Backpack is like crack for people like me, who like to have everything organized just so and get inane satisfaction out of ticky boxes. In creating my to-do list, I may or may not have added items I’ve already completed just so I could check them off and relegate them to the “done” section. I admit nothing. (Oh and if you sign up using the above link, I get points. Or something. Also I will feel very popular.)
  3. A really cool stock photo site called Lucky Oliver, which, yes, I realize has nothing to do with lists but whatever. It uses circus classifications! Circus! I wonder if one of them is “freak,” because then I would have something to aspire to.

So for those of you keeping track: Internet - 3, Grocery List - 0. Or something like that. So apparently I have to keep my damn grocery list myself. How not Web 2.0 is that?

Now I go on a quest for more caffeine. Later: my adventures with Portland Mamas Inc. Also, I got a Swiffer Wet Jet! ::dances::

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