Last night I got to do three things I love: hang out with a bunch of seriously fun women (who also happen to be mamas), drink moscato d’asti, and eat an obscene amount of dessert. Does it get better than that?

We met up at Pix for their Dim Sum Yum Yum dessert extravaganza and got to sample all sorts of delicious things. I met two - no, three new mamas, who I liked very much, and got to spend two whole hours sans baby. Not that I don’t like my baby, or babies in general; it’s just novel to be able to use both my arms at the same time.

(Speaking of arms, my shoulder is a lot better. It still hurts, but it didn’t keep me awake last night so I feel wonderfully rested.)

Not So and the baby spent some quality time together while I was gone. Ellison was in an extremely clingy mood yesterday. Not So had grand visions of getting some housework done while I was gone, but the reality of a small child who bursts into miserable tears the moment you set him down sort of put the kibbosh on that. In fact, Ellison was so clingy that the only way he would calm down was to be walked around the room on Not So’s shoulder. As you can see, he got really calm:

My boys are very cute. I like them muchly.

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