Oh! And I figured out what’s wrong with my shoulder. It wasn’t the stroller after all! Or, at least, not entirely. The day after the day-long shopping excursion of doom I had to go over to Safeway to pick up diapers for the kid. No big deal, right? Well, the mega boxes of Huggies were on sale, so I picked one up, and the mega bags of wipes were on sale, so I picked one of those up. That’s a lot of stuff to carry when you’re also schlepping a baby, but we live right across the street from Safeway so I wasn’t worried about it. Ellison, apparently, had other ideas. He refused to cling to me like a normal baby with a healthy sense of fear; instead he tried, head-first, to reach the ground. I was trying to keep him upright using the power of my mind while holding a grocery bag and using my other hand to carry the huge box of diapers. By the time we got to the door, he was sort of see-sawing out of my grip and my shoulder was screaming something to the effect of we are never doing this again!

I had forgotten about that part until this morning, when I picked up my extremely wriggly baby with my left arm, as usual, and carried him down the stairs. My shoulder had been feeling a little better, but by the time I got to the living room it was screaming again.

So, umbrella stroller: I owe you an apology. You may contribute to my hunch-backedness, but you didn’t jack my shoulder. I’m sorry I was so quick to lay blame. Maybe we’ll all go for a walk later, huh?

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