So I’m sitting at my desk with the kid crawling happily on the floor behind me. Our living room is reasonably well babyproofed so I’m pretty comfortable to let him play when I’m right there, even if I don’t have my eye on him every second.

I hear him cough and I turn around to see - blue drool! Cascading down his chin! I’ve been a pretty mellow mama up until this point, but - blue drool! Did he eat a pen?

I run over and grab him, sweeping my finger in his mouth and scanning the area for anything blue. There’s nothing. I mean, nothing. “What did you eat?” I ask, and he just coughs some more. He doesn’t seem too concerned and it occurs to me that maybe, whatever it is, he hasn’t swallowed it yet.

I carry him into the bathroom and scoop water into his mouth, washing the blue off his chin. It comes off easily. I still can’t feel anything in his mouth, but there’s a smell, and it’s…familiar. “Okay, be still for a second,” I tell myself. “Where do I know that smell?”

All of a sudden it comes to me: chocolate.

The kid ate an M&M.


Crisis…averted? I mean, I’m obviously not feeding him M&Ms on purpose (and were’s delaying giving him chocolate until his first birthday, or at least we were) but at least it’s food, as opposed to, you know, ink. Or something else that makes babies drool blue. Good thing I was too panicked to call poison control!

(He’s sitting in his play yard right now, grinning and going “mmmmm.” Little monster.)

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