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Monthly Archives: January 2007


I’m feeling somewhat disconnected tonight, so your update will be brought to you in easy to digest, bite-sized morsels, not unlike Fancy Feast. Only shorter on the Fancy. And smelling somewhat less of fish.

TV: My constant diet of Scrubs is slowly being replaced by a hearty helping of The Tube and a smattering of the […]

i quit

You know what I’m supposed to do during the day? I’m supposed to be an entrepreneur. I’m supposed to track down leads and follow them. I’m supposed to find ways to increase visibility for our new business while reinforcing the integrity of our vision. I’m supposed to be staying on top of design and technology […]

art + me = BFF

What’s in store for today? I’m heading over to the office to do some paintings for my sister. I promised them to her, what, eight months ago? The latest iteration had me giving them to her for Christmas, which is still possible if she had been, say, comatose for the past month. But still, better […]