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Monthly Archives: December 2006

fun with toddlers

This morning we woke up late, had some breakfast, and then got all bundled up and walked over to the library. Happy Fun Baby walked the whole way, holding my hand. He really liked walking on the grass at the edge of the sidewalk (which apparently feels neat to stomp on) and walking across grates. […]

one of those days

I have had just about all I can take of myself.- S. N. Behrman

The world is conspiring against me this morning. First, there was the living room, which seemed so promising. I’d asked Not So to do the floor after we went to bed. Something about a floor in the process of being cleaned is […]

lazy people like the holidays too

Santa was good to me this year, if by “Santa” you mean Not So. He got me a sewing machine (I’m thinking of calling her ‘Esme,’ but Not So suggests that it is a boy and should be called ‘Eduardo,’ because we are big, big dorks)(points if you get the ref). He also got me […]