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Monthly Archives: November 2006

snow day

Growing up in California (…mostly) we didn’t get to experience many snow days, but I still get a little frisson of delight every time it snows. Sky confetti! Festive! Plus, in Portland there’s very little chance that, for example, it will snow so long and hard that roads will be unpassable and I will have […]

jiggety jig

(That’s “jiggety jig” in the “home again, home again” sense, not any sort of newfangled rap reference. If you were confused.)
We’ve been home since Saturday afternoon, but the last day and a half was spent laying around in a post-vacation daze. Home seems particularly small and cluttered after six days at Auntie Pep’s spacious abode, […]

two for one holiday angst

Family and holidays: what could be better? And by better I mean worse. Ha! I kid. Or…do I?

Sunday kicked off a week in sunny Santa Cruz, which both Not So and I call our hometown. In the case of Not So, it’s actually the truth! I did go to high school here (well, […]