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Monthly Archives: October 2006

halloweeney goodness

Happy Halloween! We’re not dressing up this year, unless you count the fact that Happy Fun Baby is wearing pumpkin-colored sweatpants. Oh, and I’m going as a frumpy housewife. It’s a costume. No really.
The blogosphere is, as expected, abuzz with seasonal goodness. In addition to seriously cute pictures of wee children in costume, I […]

lack of creativity = weekend round-up

My creative muscle (which I think is located just below the base of my skull, if the headache is any indicator) has been stretched to the limit this weekend. Not only did I have the beginnings of a final project that kicked my ass all up and down the block, but we’re getting ready to […]

the power of symbols

Today has been somewhat…trying. I’m trying to tweak the CSS of a WordPress theme that would be perfect for my upcoming copywriting service website (because…I didn’t have enough side projects going on?) but since I’m functionally illiterate in CSS, it isn’t working. I’ve been trying to catch up on the housework, but Happy Fun Baby […]