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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Things I probably didn’t realize pre-baby:

Post-partum depression? Try pre-partum depression
Nursing hurts like a motherfucker even if you’re doing it right

I will use the word poop more times in an average day than I ever have in my life

It will take much, much longer to leave the house

I will cancel plans at the last minute
I will leave the house without looking […]


I just finished my Corporate Identity class on Saturday (final grade: A!). I’ve got two weeks before the next class starts, which I am declaring The World’s Shortest Summer Vacation.
My vacation is off to an inauspicious beginning: Not So is sick. He has a cold, poor thing. Do you hear that? That is sympathy. I […]

the mobile baby, or: goodbye, sweet bumbo

Happy Fun Baby started walking at a little past 8 months. He didn’t just start walking, either - he jumped into it head-first, just like he does with everything else. The amount of time between taking his first steps and doing laps around the living room? Minimal.
Now that he’s an old, wise baby of […]