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Monthly Archives: August 2006

the teething chronicles

Happy Fun Baby’s mouth continues to be invaded by what can only be described as teeth. Don’t get me wrong: they’re cute. There’s something inherently endearing about a big, wide-mouthed, three-toothed grin.

But the teething process is obviously painful, and my usually cheerful and pleasant baby has been replaced by a cranky, temperamental, wailing creature […]

poor kid

I just saw a kid on Blue’s Clues who looked and sounded exactly like Kyle’s cousin Kyle on South Park. I feel bad for that kid, because people like me will find him inexplicably amusing.

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getting shirty

Our shirts from GoodStorm finally came! We’re using them for shirts for the business, and we’re really pleased with how everything turned out. Behold:

Check out the CouldBe Studios storefront if you want one yourself. Which you totally do.
I also have shirts and whatnot that you can get through Zazzle. Click the Swag link at […]