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Monthly Archives: July 2006

cranky monkey

I just added some new swag to my Zazzle store: namely the Cranky Monkey tee shirt! Check it:

He’s my new mascot. I like him very much. Yay, Illustrator doodles!

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yoga? noga.

I had this idea yesterday. The idea involved losing twenty pounds, gaining muscle definition and becoming slender and willowy, but the short term version was: ha! I will do my yoga DVD! So what if it’s post-natal yoga? I am post-natal!
My body was not pleased about the whole thing, but gamely played along. My hamstrings […]

BlogHer in spirit: saturday's workshops

BlogHer in Spirit for Saturday:
Workshop Topic #1: Identity and Obligation:

How do you decide what aspects of your identity you will reveal in your blog: culture, sexual orientation, political ideology, religion?
I decided when I started this blog that I wanted it to have a specific focus: parenting and random geekery. While I discuss anxiety issues and […]