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Monthly Archives: May 2006

like a kitten in a tree, if you will

Server move: pending. I probably could have made some progress today if I wasn’t so busy fruitlessly searching for a single slim manila folder which is theoretically located in one of the many unpacked boxes in our living room. (See below.)
Home move: finished! All that remains is…everything else. There are boxes. Lots of boxes. I […]

baby’s got back(up)

I’m migrating my blog to a more stable server - one I actually pay for, which in Cranky Mama-speak means if it doesn’t work, there’s someone I can bitch to. Free is nice and all, but when the host of your site is basically doing you a favor it’s kind of hard to effectively throw […]

ants all marching in a line

We’ve spent the last two weeks moving. Why are we moving, you ask? Well! It’s a funny story. See..
No, wait. Funny means something else entirely. My bad.
The short version is that we found a really kick-ass rental in exactly the location we wanted just as our lease on the old place was expiring, so even […]