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Monthly Archives: March 2006

food for thought

I just read something suggesting that breastfeeding isn’t as important as we think. It’s interesting, especially given how popular breastfeeding is right now. I use the word popular deliberately; as with so many other things, societal support of breastfeeding seems to wax and wane depending on the trends. Trendy right now? Lactation and all the […]

where the heart is

What is it they say about not being able to go home again?
Santa Cruz is just like I remembered it. As usual, I spent the first hour making mental note of all the things that have changed since we moved two years ago - that restaurant wasn’t there! Those apartments are finally finished! That gas […]

where she stops, nobody knows

Technical difficulties galore, both of the internet and of the brain.
Internet: server went down (boo!) so site was offline for several days. I feel certain this was noticed by someone other than me.
Brain: Zoloft has, thus far, failed to transform me into a cheerful, optimistic person. Shocking! I am, however, developing new and exciting levels […]