Lower Back Pain: when to See a Doctor

Patients who suffer from lower back pain are always advised to see their doctors to be tested early. However, there are some cases that are extreme and patients are not only advised but demanded to see the doctor immediately. You should report to a doctor if you have been on the following situations: -

  • If you have experienced a significant trauma like being in a motor accident.
  • If you have fallen down the stairs, falling and landing on your buttocks, especially if you are over fifty years old.
  • If you have a history of cancer, recent infections, osteoporosis and also prolonged use of steroid.
  • If your temperature is above 100F.
  • If you have lost weight significantly.
  • A dysfunction of the nervous system for example when you cannot be able to lift and lower your legs and the big toe.
  • Being unable to control your bladder or bowel.

There is also another case whereby you may give treatment to reduce the lower back pain but still continue having the intense pain. This may be a serious sign and you should seek proper medical attention at once.


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