Does Driving Make You a Nervous Wreck?

It is a natural that every one gets angry and filled with rage when they are feeling stressed. Certainly, some people wind up feeling an intense amount of worry in the pit of their stomach when they are driving or stuck in traffic. They can not stop fear of driving and feeling nervous about what the outcome will be, some even fear a loss of control and panic. Stress happens for all of us when we can not control a situation, when something does not go in our favor. Unfortunately, when stress causes you this sort of intense anxiety, you are even less in control than if you were calmly able to analyze your next move. There is no doubt that worrywarts always feel stress over even the smallest things in life. If their loved one snaps at them slightly, they spend all day wondering what they did wrong. If the boss takes their assignment and does not offer up compliments, they sit there concerned that he did not like it.

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