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Last night I wandered upstairs, dejected. “I guess we can’t afford a jogging stroller right now,” I said. I’d spent the day perusing eBay and a parade of high-end stroller brands was marching through my head: Maxi Cosi, Bugaboo, Maclaren, Inglesino. We’d figured out earlier that we could afford $150 for a stroller but just barely, and then I remembered that I still need the book for my current class and that’s $50 at least. A decent jogging stroller for under $100 including shipping? Not gonna happen.

“I guess not,” said Not So.

I didn’t mention that I’d placed a bid on a seriously cute Combi in Key Lime (it would match my backpack, you see) because why bother? My max was like $65 and the stroller retails for between $229 and $300 and the auction was set to end at 8am (when I am so, so not awake). There was no chance in hell that I’d win it.

Except…I did!

Look how pretty….all green and gray and sporty. With shipping? $95. I am. So. Cool.

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Our shirts from GoodStorm finally came! We’re using them for shirts for the business, and we’re really pleased with how everything turned out. Behold:

Check out the CouldBe Studios storefront if you want one yourself. Which you totally do.

I also have shirts and whatnot that you can get through Zazzle. Click the Swag link at the top of the page if you want to check those out.

/gratuitous pimping

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I was pushing the stroller past a wall of windows when I caught sight of my reflection. It was startling: I look like a mom. Not in the whole “Hey, look at that, I have a baby!” sense, but as in “Wow, when did I completely lose all sense of style and individuality?” There I was, hair all flyaway, no makeup, wearing a pale green v-neck with milk stains on the front, faded size 16 blue jeans (cuffed out of necessity rather than aesthetics), and white sneakers. Let me say this again: white sneakers.

Like everyone else who has not yet spent nine months straight in a uniform of sweats and oversized tee shirts, I had definite pre-baby ideas about what kind of mom I would be, and many of these ideas involved outfits. There would be the “going to the park” outfit (cute capris, butterfly-sleeve tee, headband), the “playgroup” outfit (v-neck shirt, dark-rinse jeans, strappy sandals), the fall “duck pond” outfit (knee-length boots, pencil skirt, soft brown sweater, possibly a hat of some sort). I would not succumb to the lure of schleppy, unflattering clothes. Not me.

The last known pre-pregnancy picture of me. Note the brand spanking new boots,
which I had been coveting for months and finally - finally! - was able to afford.
Note also: irony.

I was cute. I had good hair. I fit into my shoes. I mean, seriously. What pregnancy god did I piss off to gain a shoe size and be forced to get rid of my entire shoe collection? Because if I find that god, I intend to have some words.

Now I don’t wear outfits; I have uniforms. There’s the hot day uniform (pants rolled to the knees, flip flops, one of Not So’s wifebeaters). There’s the not-hot day uniform (jeans, tee shirt, sneakers). And there’s the not leaving the house so who cares uniform (sweats). The not leaving the house uniform is especially convenient because it can transition seamlessly from waking to sleeping with only minimal adjustment.

I hate that I look like a mom, but being a mom? Pretty kick ass. I wake up every morning to a smiling baby who can’t wait until I open my eyes and spend a half hour snuggling and singing the “Good morning!” song. I get to watch him staring wide-eyed at the world and then looking to me to explain it. I get open-mouthed baby kisses and raspberries and snuggles and bouncy baby dances. It’s no contest, really.

But I still wish the uniforms were more flattering.

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We had a wee bit of “extra” money this month, so I hit the discount stores and managed to find not only a pair of jeans ($5.50! Marked down from $44!) but also some shoes. Allow me to have a moment of silence for my formerly glorious shoe collection; I now own one - count them, one - pair of shoes in the proper size. What is that size, you ask? Why, 9 1/2! A full size larger than the “on the large side” shoes I wore before my pregnancy. A half size larger than what I thought my feet were before spending the day trying things on and thinking “How odd…they still pinch.”

Having shoes that fit has sparked a renewed interest in walking. Funny thing: pinched toes? Not so good for the motivation. But I am all about the walking now. Unfortunately the umbrella stroller is exactly the wrong height for long walks. I’m hunched over just enough to jack not only my lower back but my shoulders and neck as well. We trekked all over downtown the other day and last night my neck hurt so much I could barely sleep. Is a jogging stroller too much to ask? Nothing fancy; I don’t need a Bob (although, dude, if I were in the mood to covet? They are almost as covet-worthy as a Bugaboo. Which I also do not need, as I am forced to remind myself on an almost daily basis). In fact, the one I want is relatively inexpensive (especially at Baby Depot, although apparently they don’t carry it online). Perhaps I will abjectly beg ask for one for Christmas. Or the baby’s birthday. Because the baby totally wants a jogging stroller.

We went out today to look at office stuff today, and I wore my new shoes and my new pants. (It’s too bad I don’t have a new midsection to go with them; that would really be nice.) The office is coming along, slowly. The desk was finally delivered (yay!) and we’re in the process of getting liability insurance and then internet access, at which point we’ll set up the computer on the new desk and be good to go. Which is probably a horribly backward way of doing things, but what are you going to do, right? I’ve got so many ideas for making the space look pretty and I’m antsy to start making some money. This staying home with the baby thing? It’s nice, but I miss getting a paycheck. And having more than one pair of shoes.

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One thing I am majorly covetous of is the iPod+ Nike thinger. You know, with the sensor that goes into the shoe and connects with the iPod and downloads your workout data and gives you shiny, pretty charts?

Nike + iPod website and screens

Isn’t that pretty? And shiny? Doesn’t it make you think “Gee, I want to run so that I can have charts”? Because there are those of us, and I’m not mentioning any names (because it’s me) who don’t, as a rule, run. We do not like to run. We like to stroll. But strolling does not generate charts, and it certainly doesn’t involve clever sensors.

Nike + iPod kit package

Unfortunately, the whole iPod+ Nike setup isn’t cheap. I know, you’re shocked. The sensor and receiver together (above) are actually only $29, but, see, you can’t use them unless you have an iPod Nano (+/- $149) and a pair of special Nike running shoes (+/- $109). And that, my friends, is just not in my price range.

Except that I found out this morning that Marware’s releasing for preorder a wee little strap thinger for connecting the sensor to any old shoes you want. For $9.95! $9.95 is totally in my price range.

Now I just have to scrape together enough for a Nano and life will be good. I do get an student discount…

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Programs/services I am beta testing right now:

  • Adobe Spry

  • Firefox 2.0
  • Flock
  • Wridea
  • Google Video
  • Vox
  • Stylehive
  • The Daily Plate
  • Wufoo
  • BillQ
  • And probably several more I can’t remember right now.

    And, now, Yahoo! Mail.

    It’s sort of sad. But also cool, right? I am cool?

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    The package I’ve been eagerly awaiting for the past week has arrived: a Lucky Baby sling in hypnotic lime! I busted it out and put the baby in it right away, because I’m special like that. It’s seriously cute, and really cosy. The kid’s asleep in it right now. And I’m typing! With both hands! Does it get better?

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    Lucky Baby sling in Lime

    I am so in love with this sling, I can’t even tell you. People have been raving at me about the wonders of babywearing since before Happy Fun Baby was even born, but he (and I) never took to it. This might change my mind, though.

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    I read in Lifehacker this morning that SkypeOut is going to be free until the end of the year. I totally want to try it now, and naturally the first step in trying anything new is shopping for accessories. I’m leaning toward the cute little Skype starter set, partly because of the cute and partly because of the vast global conspiracy against the Mac (all of the adorable candy-colored USB phones seem to be PC-inclined). Then again, perhaps I wouldn’t even want to run SkypeOut on my Mac. Perhaps we could run it on the Accounting Computer. We have an Accounting Computer, did I mention? It’s like we’re going to be running a business or something.

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    Mother’s Day is looming in the way that only Mother’s Day can. Last year at this time I was smack dab in the middle of my first trimester, nauseous and miserable and cranky. Not So was gaming, if I recall correctly, so I spent the day nauseous, miserable, cranky and alone. And I didn’t get a card. Not that I am bitter.

    This year I am considering an active boycott of the holiday, much in the way that for years I refused to celebrate my birthday. The Mother Game from Uncommon Goods could make me rethink that, however. Am I passive-agressive or overbearing? Can I make it into the will? It’s like the game of Life, only with more pink.

    On another note:

    Conversation between Cranky Mama and Not So Cranky Dada in the diaper bag aisle of Burlington Coat Factory:

    Me: I like this diaper bag, but it’s too small.
    Not So: Is it?
    Me: The Skip Hop won’t fit inside. It’d be like a purse that says “Baby” on it.
    Not So: (fiddling) No, see - it totally fits! (Holds up bag with Skip Hop Pronto - which is really very handy and fits in almost everything except this diaper bag - sticking awkwardly out of top.)
    Me: See, but I can’t zip it up. And if I go around with my diaper bag unzipped, someone will come tell me that my baby’s ugly so they can steal my wallet.

    Baby Einstein - Baby Neptune - Discovering Water

    I’ve got to say, the Baby Einstein stuff is sort of oddly addictive. We’ve got Baby Neptune, which is all about water. Ellison loves it. Loves. The bits where water bubbles? He laughs and bounces and coos. Does he laugh or bounce or coo for mom? No he does not. Apparently bubbles are far, far more exciting than his mother.

    I don’t want to be one of those parents who plop their kid in front of the TV so they can get things done…but then I find myself saying things like “Baby Einstein let me eat breakfast today!” and I wonder if I’m already one of those parents.

    One reason I’m so cranky? I have hives.

    The good news is that I think we’ve managed to steam clean all the evil Arm & Hammer pet odor stuff (to which I am, um, somewhat allergic) out of the carpet. All hail the Bissell SpotBot. Last time this happened (because there was a last time) I just sort of had to wait until the offending allergin made its leisurely way out of the air and settled deep into the base of my spine. No, wait - that’s LSD. Anyway, steam cleaning definitely beats an elderly vacuum. (I dig the SpotBot. I sort of want to run around the house spot-cleaning random areas like some sort of demented carpet fairy. Perhaps an outfit will be involved.)

    Of course, last time I got hives I also had the option of a nice Benadryl and a long nap, which (if I recall correctly) eventually ended my purgatory of itch. This time, all I can do is sit merrily on my hands and think fond thoughts about those halcyon days when my entire body did not feel as though it was covered in flea bites. Breastfeeding mamas do not get to take Benadryl. Breastfeeding mamas can do nothing but refrain from scratching. Scratching = bad, according to the Internet (which does not lie). I’m unclear on exactly why it’s bad. Maybe the Internet is like the mean older sibling who derives sick pleasure from making her younger, more gullible sister squirm with misery. In that case, I think I’m karmically screwed. (Remind me to tell you about the time I told my sister that normal-sized zits were just the introductory version and that the real ones would take up her whole forehead…)