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Category Archives: the baby

smelling the roses, or something

I need to slow down.
Maybe it’s the Wellbutrin, maybe it’s the whole “death in the family” thing, maybe it’s just that I’m constantly doing twelve different things at once, but I can’t seem to muster up an acceptable amount of enthusiasm about, well, anything. Even things that are fun (like reading, or drawing, or playing […]

visual-free since ‘93*

I was going to post a picture, but I’m on Not So’s laptop, which means I’m only using one browser, which means - you really want to hear this? Okay - I’m not logged in to Flickr under my Cranky Mama alias, so I can’t grab the code for the image I want. The short […]

hoppity hoppity

I grow weary of all my angst-filled posting, so I bring you fluffy bunnies. Look, the bunnies. They are so fluffy.
We found a place to have Happy Fun Baby’s birthday party (yay!) and as soon as I have the time/energy/misc. I will figure out invitations and food and suchlike. I think I have a loose […]