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Category Archives: crafty

BMI demystified

Kate of Shapely Prose put together a Flickr slideshow illustrating the difference between underweight, normal, overweight and obese according to BMI standards, and just like that I started feeling better about my weight. I mean, it’s one thing to suspect that BMI is a crock of crap; it’s another to see a woman with a […]

arr, says pirate henry

The newest addition to the Cranky family is, as usual, a Henry. This one is pink, and also a pirate. Arr.
I keep fussing around with the Cranky Pals website and I’ve added topside navigation, so now it is ABUNDANTLY CLEAR how people can click buttons to buy things from me. This is kind of me, […]

slightly less unhealthy banana bread

In Slightly Less Unhealthy news, I made banana bread for the first time in the new house. It tasted much the same as the banana bread I used to make in the old house. I know you are surprised.

Here’s the recipe, for those of you who like that kind of thing:
1 stick room temperature unsalted […]