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The Best Buy saga: it continues!

You probably thought it ended with my setting fire to an effigy of a Best Buy store (cunningly crafted out of papier-mache), but yesterday I got a call from what I can only describe as a professional yes-man at the Best Buy headquarters. “I’ve done extensive research into your complaint, and let me first extend my sincere apologies on behalf of Best Buy,” he said. “We’d love the opportunity to make this right for you.”

“Go on,” I said to my voicemail, intrigued.

“I’ve been authorized to offer you the desk at a sweet discount. I’ve contacted all the warehouses in your area and I have confirmation of an actual, physical desk in stock.”

“Hmm…” I said. (You totally talk to your voicemail. Admit it.)

“Please give me a call at your earliest convenience so we can talk about this. Again, sincere apologies. All our fault. Ball dropped. Etc.” I’m paraphrasing here - at some point the obsequiousness began to blend. Not that I’m complaining, but seriously - five minute voicemail? To tell me you suck? While somewhat endearing, it does illustrate the cardinal rule of voicemail, which is: leave your number at the beginning of the message. That way, in the event of a callback, we do not have to listen to the whole damn thing again. I’m just saying.

Still - it’s a novel thing, having your ass kissed. My ass has remained stubbornly kiss-less through this whole thing. The way I look at it, I deserve to have my ass kissed at this point. (Metaphors, people. My ass, massive though it may be, is not up for literal kissing. Follow along.) Plus, we really want that desk. I hate to admit it from my perch on the moral high ground, but the desk? Pretty much exactly what we need for the office, and Best Buy has it for way, way less than anyone else.

I called Not So, and our conversation went much like this:


“But ass kissage!”

“Yes. For us! About time.”



So we decided to accept the “sweet discount” and allow Best Buy to attempt to insinuate themselves back into our good graces. At this point, we have yet another delivery “scheduled” (I use the term loosely, as apparently do they) for Monday. If the desk comes, I may consent to love Best Buy again, a little. If not…well…I don’t know yet. But something! Something will transpire! And it will probably involve profanity.

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Here’s the reply I got from Best Buy:

I apologize we did not meet your expectations with your order for the desk. Best Buy strives to make each experience you have with us positive and as fun as possible, and we are disappointed if we don’t live up to that expectation. Best Buy relies on feedback, both positive and negative, to help us find areas for improvement.

Well, that fixes everything, doesn’t it? ::eyeroll::

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So we ordered a desk for the new office from Best Buy at the end of June. It’s an oversize item, so delivery was scheduled through the Best Buy home delivery service. We’ve dealt with them before (when we got the massive TV of doom in 2003) and I remembered the service as being prompt and easy to deal with.

A lot can change in three years, apparently.

First, we got a call two days before the confirmed delivery date (the 17th of July) from the warehouse. “It’s weird,” said the delivery guy, “but it’s just not here. We’ll call you in a couple of days to reschedule.”

Okay. Well…okay. So we waited a couple of days. No one called. I finally called the customer service line. “I’m just wondering where my desk is,” I said.

“I show that it’s scheduled for delivery for the 19th of August,” said the rep.

I think I may have managed something more articulate than “WHAT?!?” but I can’t guarantee it. “That’s - that’s ridiculous. I didn’t authorize that. No one’s even called me.”

“It looks like I can schedule you for the 25th of July, if that would work better.”

Since this month is sooner than a month from now I said yes, it would work better, and the delivery was rescheduled. I had my reservations, but the day before the delivery date we got a call saying the desk was in and would be delivered on schedule, between the hours of 9 and 11 am. Hooray!

So Happy Fun Baby and I woke up at the crack of dawn (i.e. the same time Not So gets up every morning) and headed over to the office, which was empty except for a desk chair and a printer. It was hot, and it was boring, but we persevered.

And persevered. And…11 o’clock came and went. Happy Fun Baby, who had had enough around 10, was practically inconsolable, and I was righteously annoyed. I called the warehouse directly (all hail Caller ID), where I was told that the driver wanted to speak with me.

“It’s the weirdest thing,” he said. “I show that it’s here on paper, but when we were loading the truck this morning we saw that it hadn’t come in.”

“Why didn’t anyone call me?” I asked.

“Well, you know, it was six o’clock in the morning when we were loading the truck…”

“I’ve been here since nine a.m. In an office with no air conditioning. And a cranky seven month old baby.”

“I’m sorry,” the driver said. “It’s not here.”

So we schlepped furiously home and I furiously called Best Buy customer service, where I was told the following:

1) No no, the desk is being delivered today. You just didn’t wait long enough.

(Um, the desk isn’t there. I could have waited all day; wouldn’t have made a difference.)

2) The order can’t be cancelled, since delivery has already been scheduled, and

3) So sorry, but Best Buy managers don’t speak to customers.


I shouted something to the effect of “THAT’S THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING I’VE EVER HEARD! CANCEL MY ORDER RIGHT NOW!” and hung up. In the most mature, non-temper-tantrum-y way possible, of course.

And then, seething, I sent a bitchy e-mail to their corporate headquarters. And the Better Business Bureau. Because repeatedly failing to deliver goods paid for and scheduled? Really not a good business practice.

It’s too bad, because we’d done a lot of business in the past and undoubtedly would have continued to do business with them in the future had they at least treated us with the slightest bit of respect. They could have been up-front about the availability of the desk. They could have called us when they realized the desk wasn’t going to be there when promised. Refusing to let me speak to a manager (despite my repeated requests), though, was pretty much the last straw. Since when is that not considered a shady business practice?

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