Best Car Seats for Toddlers

When your child outgrows their car seat it is a great time. They are getting bigger and it is time to advance with a brand new big kid seat. So what are the choices out there for your toddler seat? Which are the best toddler seats for your needs? Here are some great toddler seats to help you in your decision for your new purchase.

Britax Boulevard Click Tighteeb59bcf356391341933161a3c0db0f7

The Britax toddler seat will fit a child weighing up to forty pounds. It is rear facing which is a great safety feature. This seat has extra cushioning which absorbs energy and protects your child even more. This seat has click-tight which will automatically lock your child safely in. It also includes extra padding for your child’s comfort while riding in the car with seven ways to recline included.

Parents loved this chair as a whole. There are many great things like the click and safe harness which keeps your toddler snug. This is a great fitting chair for a toddler that does not take up a lot of room in your car. This seat receives Great ratings by parents.

The Britax latch system has some bugs and it may be harder to unlatch at times due to the bugs with click latch. The padding in the seat may also be quite bulky for some toddlers so try it before you buy it.

Chicco Next Fit51XvJVbOabL._AC_UL320_SR264,320_

The Chicco toddler seat will seat a child up to forty pounds and it faces forward. It has six positions to recline your toddler. The Chicco has two buckles positions. This chair also has padding to absorb extra shock on the seat. It also has straps that are designed not to twist.

This is a pretty good chair all in all even considering the cons. It’s a great buy and it does not swallow room. It is rated pretty highly among parents of toddlers as one of the best toddler seats.

This is a pretty heavy seat. This toddler seat is not easy to convert when it is time to change for your toddler’s size.

Evenflo Sure RideSureRide-Athena-618

The Evenflo Sure Ride seats a child weighing up to forty pounds. This seat faces forward with a five point harness. This seat includes a booster for 40-110 pounds. This seat includes the “sure latch” connectors. The harness has a height adjusting feature for growing toddlers. This chair also has a cup holder included.

This is a three phase toddler seat that is economical for the features. The features include sure latch connectors that tighten for you once inserted. This is one of the best toddler seats out there for the money and practicality.

The Booster mode on this seat could be too small for some growing toddlers. The last setting for larger children does not have the “lockoff” feature that parents love to secure the latches.


These are some of the best toddler seats on the market for sale. They are all great seats according to the majority of rating reviews by consumers. These toddler seat

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