Adequate Jewelry Showcase Lighting to Bring out the Glitters

A led tube light with metal or acrylic brackets in a cool white color temperature of 6,000 to 7,000 K is ideal for jewelry showcase lighting. Its color is perfect to highlight the glitter of jewelry in display cases.

Overhead lighting with 54 SMD LEDs per foot will provide you with 650-680 lumens per foot and will consume only .21W per LED or 13W per foot of electricity; the ideal top brightness desired for jewelry showcase lighting. You can order the custom tube at a maximum of 61 inches; more than an adequate size for jewelry showcase lighting requirements. Then you can install shorter tubes are secondary showcases, so that all your merchandise gets revealed in all their sparkling glory.

Diamond rings, earrings, brooches and gold and platinum jewelry settings will surely get their best light possible from a well-designed jewelry showcase lighting. Investingin good light sources to showcase your merchandise will bring in the good dollars from your jewelry store venture.


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