snap crackle

My nose is doing this thing where it feels like little pop rocks are exploding in my sinus cavity. If you thought to yourself “Wow! That sounds like fun!” you are sadly mistaken.

Also: I can’t get sick now! I’m going on vacation in a week! Exactly a week, in fact: at this time next Tuesday I will be emerging from an airplane in a Valium-assisted haze in New York freaking City. It goes without saying that sniffles and a sinus headache would seriously cramp my style.

In an effort to nip this whole illness thing in the bud (and also because the kid is driving poor Not So completely batty at the office, what with the whining and the demanding and the inexplicable banging of things what are not meant to be banged) I elected to stay home today, thinking I’d get some rest while catching up on housework and working on my laptop. Take a moment and look at that sentence. One of these things, as Sesame Street was wont to say, does not belong. Can you guess which one it is?

So, yeah. On the plus side, I’ve got laundry going and dishes going and I did a bunch of work. On the minus side, there are pop rocks in my sinuses.

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