Supporting Radical Habits

For the uninitiated, SRH actually means “Supporting Radical Habits”. This clothing company is actually spearheaded by founders Ryan White and Kevin Zinger way back the early 1990’s.

Of course, they didn’t necessarily start out as a manufacturer and distributor of street style clothing and accessories but they were pretty much well-known in the California area as one of the most earnest supporters of local underground music and the up-and-coming scene of extreme sports.

They’ve truly grown side by side with both of these cultures and the company has earned the well-deserved distinction of being the first choice when it comes to edgy shirts, shorts, jerseys, hoodies, denims, socks, tanktops and many other products for men and women.

Thanks to the internet, finding access to all existing items and the new releases have become much easier by visiting proper resources found online. Yes, you don’t have to drop by your local stores just to get a piece of the action because you can order straight right at the convenience of your own home as you visit the web-based sellers.


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