Sail Safely with the Latest in Maritime Equipment

Sailing the open seas used to be a daunting and dangerous feat for brave adventurers. Back when all sailors had with them were compasses, the stars, and intuition to guide their way, the seas were revered to be mysterious and unpredictable. It’s hard to tell what lies beneath the surface of the water, what the weather may be like, and where your bearings are if all you see is water for miles and miles.

That was ages ago and we are fortunate to be living in the 21sr century where rampant advances in technology are making it much safer to navigate open waters. Modern marine GPS, chart plotters, fish finders, sonar, and similar equipment are constantly being designed and redeveloped by companies like Interphase, Garmin, and Furino. Such equipment enables you to see what is beneath the surface of the water for miles, helps to map your route, shows you what the weather and the tidal conditions are, and lets you know where the nearest ports are and what kinds of amenities there are on shore.


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