Heartburn Relief As Soon As Possible

Acid reflux is a disorder in the upper digestive system and you need to know about heartburn relief. This article will show you about ways to get over acid reflux or heartburn. Acid reflux is the medical term while heartburn is what common people call it.

What you feel when you have disorder is that something in your stomach, mostly liquid or acid, wants to go up your throat and out of your mouth. Hence, acid reflux because the taste is like after vomiting. You also feel heartburn or a small pain in the chest area when the liquid tries to go up the throat hence, heartburn.

What to do when you are experiencing this? You can have an instant but short term remedy and that is through taking antacids. These antacids can be taken orally. It is very easy because it is just a small tablet. You usually chew the tablet first before you swallow it. This will make the medicine more effective.


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