Goats and Moroccan Oil

Did you know that Moroccan Oil which is also known as Argan Oil actually comes from the nuts that goats have expelled after eating? The Argan tree which grows in certain parts of Moroccan is now protected and harvested for its nutrient rich nuts. These nuts are high in anti-aging properties so now the Western World has cottoned on to this and is seeking out these ‘mircale’ nuts for its cosmetic products.

Traditionally the Moroccan’s harvested the kernels that are high in Vitamin E through an interesting method. They allowed their Goats to graze on the trees fruit. They would then have the stinky job of collecting the pits from the waste of these goats before grinding them and then pressing them to make the oil. They used this oil for both cooking and on their skin and hair.

I am not entirely sure how they harvest the pits these days but as I use Moroccan oil on my hair I’d like to think that they use more conventional methods and machinery to extract the oil.


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