Doctors Can Be Millionaires

Many people know how to become a millionaire. But only a few people know how to become a doctor. That is why there are more millionaires than doctors. This happens everywhere in the world. Any African country you take, you would come across more millionaires than doctors. In developing countries like India and Brazil, there are more millionaires than doctors. Of course, there are plenty of millionaires who are doctors. But not all doctors are millionaires. If a doctor thinks that he can become a millionaire, there is a tremendous possibility that he can surely become a millionaire. But, not all doctors think that way. Many doctors of these developing countries, study medicine and become doctors, only to serve their people. There may be some doctors, who always think of money and want to charge their patients, a hefty sum for a simple treatment. But most of the doctors try and serve their country, and put people before money.


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