Top Websites for Women

Parents are busy and are always looking for good advice for children, home, and career. The following websites are highlighted because they are considered the best sources for a variety of advice. These websites offer secrets for busy parents hungry for knowledge.


This is a blog supported by the Wall Street Journal. The blog provides content many professionals parents find interesting. Here parents find advice on handling family responsibilities, managing work, and the trade-offs all parents experience.

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Parents looking for a meal that provides comfort, yet is quick and easy may want to explore this site by Ree Drummond. The site provides step by step instructions and detailed pictures.


A website created by a mother. Here parents will find quick, easy and healthy recipes for children who are busy and constantly on the go. This site reflects the business of life and the need for family time.


This is a site that welcomes to a new generation of homemakers. The site covers the newest in art, sex, and food. It also offers a variety of restaurants located throughout the country.


The articles on this website are very lady like. This is where a lady, of any size, can find the latest nail styles and how to create them. The site is unique in that it has the ability to bring young and old women together in an inspiring way.

85 BROADSellevate

This is a member’s only website. Women from all over the world connect to inspire and empower other women. This site was started by women who are associated with Goldman Sachs.The name has changed to elevate women.


This website is provided by a nonprofit group and discusses the business world of women and the importance of their careers.

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This a community website for couples attempting to conceive. Couples are available to help other couples experiencing similar issues and are available to offer support and advice.

It’s a world wide web that surrounds many parents. So, take the time to spin a world wide web full of good sources to help survive being the modern parent.

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Preventing Teenage Rebellion From Luring Online Predators

Parents of teenagers are usually under no illusions about the internet. They know it is dangerous, especially for a young person that thinks they know more than their parents. Sadly, the rebellion that teenagers often display means many parents end up establishing safety precautions that their child violates in secret, a hazard that could have been prevented by keeping these three tips in mind.

1) Do Not Hide The Truth:




There is no benefit to sheltering your child by lying about the reasoning for new rules in the house, and there could be lasting damage. First, teenagers are young and they sometimes do thoughtless things, but they are not stupid. They know the internet is dangerous too, and if you try to put them off about why you are worried, it could damage the trust they feel for you at a time when a loss of trust could lead to another kind of damage by a predator.

2) Get Their Input:


The great thing about being honest with your kids is then you gain another perspective, someone that quite likely understands technology better than you do. Talk to them about the dangers online, of course, but listen to their response as well. If your child feels that you are a safe person to talk to about things that may make them afraid or uncomfortable, it makes them more likely to come to you in the future, when it counts.

3) Don’t Smother Them:


Accept now that you cannot remove all danger from your child’s life, and don’t let the thoughts of one type of danger drive you to try and protect them from all dangers. Set up parental controls, talk to your child about what things they should never do, and add them on social networks. Still allow them privacy to a limited point, though. If you do not let them keep that, they will find a way to hide something else.

Securing the technological aspect will likely prove to be far easier than maintaining your patience with a teenager on many occasions. However, following the tips here at least will help keep the outside dangers at bay as you raise them, however unwillingly, to be adults.

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3 reasons why you shouldn’t take your kids away from Technology.


Technology is the general hub of all the learning materials regardless of the age that a person is in. It is the best place where students can gather information of all kinds at once. There is autonomy when it comes searching for information.

Knowledge expansion.


Technology enables kids to have a broad spectrum of knowledge that they acquire online. It is not just what they are taught in class but if they are well educated on how to use technology, it becomes easy for them to acquire anything on the net. They become more of problem solvers because they can find the solution of any problem on the net.

Awareness on various things across the globe.

Through technology, kids are able to learn the world at a tender age. Through the various searches that they made, it becomes possible for them to know that people from certain places in the world practice certain things. This makes them to appreciate other people’s cultural practices and in the long run, they are able to understand and appreciate the differences in the world. Through this, it makes kids brave and know how to deal with people off all kinds since they understand that people have different backgrounds.

Technology is knowledge itself.

At this century we are in, Technology is itself knowledge. Many people have become gurus in technology because of inventing technological advanced things. If a kid starts to stick to technology at a tender age, his or her has a possibility of becoming innovative and making sure that entrepreneurship mind is created.

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How to use technology to educate your kids.


The education type in the current world that we are living in has been simplified through the use of technology. Students no longer use keep load of books as way of preserving what they have learnt in but rather they keep everything in software versions that are easy to read anywhere any time.

Get connected first.


You can only teach your kids perfectly through technology when you get connected to the internet. The net is where people get all the possible resources at any academic level that your kids are in. You have to search the topic then you want to teach your kids and all the information is going to be availed you.

Choose the perfect device which is suitable for learning.


You cannot use a mobile phone to teach your kids. This is because it is not only hard to operate but there are a lot of disruptions that one gets when using a phone. A desktop is always suitable and you need to ensure that your child abides to the lessons. Everything needed should be searched and availed to the kid.

Identify what your child wants and use that to educate him or her.

In some subjects, one can use the things that children like to make them learn perfectly. For example in math, when the kid is being taught how to solve some mathematical problems, the best toys should be used in the teaching process to enhance the learning of the kid.

Virtual classrooms.


There are platforms online where a student joins others from other places to learn a common subject. This is good because the child learns while you are observing him or her. It is a good method because only qualified teachers are allowed to handle kids online. This is the best move which makes students learn faster.

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