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AS Media Sam High: Our Target AudienceWe are a publication design company and in this post, you will find information about business communication and many other things that we hope will be useful for you to learn and use. We like the practical tips, and have written this article on business communication for those in a hurry.

We try to provide practical tips you can use right away and that we hope will support you, give you a little more clarity on the subject and help you with your business communications.

Business communication is all about what you say, nothing more. The target group is attacked by so many messages every day that you have to catch the attention where competitors leave gaps.

Write as if everything you write will be read by “ordinary people”. Everyone understands Basic English, but internal words and ugly tech may not be interpreted by everyone. Observe that there is a gap between what your company wants to tell - and what the receiver is prepared to absorb.

Allow text to sleep and revisit it again the next morning. You will see new approaches the day after, but above all see what can be better.

Avoid clichs in your business communications. Using clichs is to insult the only person who really matters: the Reader. Here are a few especially hated clichs: “Nothing is impossible for us.” and “Tailor-made solutions.”

Let someone else read the text aloud to you. Reading aloud is the acid test. Only when you hear your text spoken, you will notice if it measures up.

Remember that it takes time to create good lyrics. The target audience might spend 30 seconds at your text, but you have certainly spent many hours at work to find the right combination of words and sentences.


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