Best New Product Ever

It had been almost ten years since I had worn any kind of makeup foundation. As someone with chronic redness, who seems like her skin is allergic to seventy-five percent of products she tries on it, I had given up. The extent of my makeup routine was lip balm and mascara. It was disappointing, because I really wanted to cover up the redness and freckles, but any type of traditional foundation just gave me blackheads or made me fell like I was wearing a mask all day. I’d tried it all; liquid, creme, pancake with no luck. I’m here to tell you, mineral makeup was exactly what I needed! It was incredible how such a fast application of this soft powder covered all the redness, freckles, and fine lines, leaving me with an amazing, even skin tone. I looked beautiful without even concealer, and it was effortless and felt like wearing no makeup at all.

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