Cranky mama is a blog that was created to educate and emphasize on the importance of technology on various business activities. It is equipped with information or rather guides that explains and outlines how technology can be used to bring a difference in life. It is true that technology has revolutionized the world and has made work easier but there is a compact minority who the word technology to them is an abstract now with no real existence. The blog tries to bring up all the possible ways, techniques and ideas to ensure that some things are done perfectly through technology.

Written by a mother who found a practical difference in anything she was doing, she put down everything from her real life benefits of technology to ensure that others can also read and get enlightened. It includes how to use technology to educate kids, how to use technology to promote the security of a compound or how to use technology to make your car safe. These are an example of the things that make the blog and they were written from real life experience. Being a technology blog, it tries to cover all the aspects of technology and their importance.