4 Ways to Build Your List

One of the most important assets of an internet marketer is their list. If you are not building a list yet, this is something that you should start as soon as possible.

Here are a few ways to build your home business by growing your list.

1) Add an attractive optin box to every page on your website - if possible offer an attractive gift to anyone who subscribes.

2) Consider doing JV Ad Swaps - if you can find partners with a similar list size to yours you can swap solo ads and help to grow each other’s list.

3) Join JV Giveaway events - in these events you offer a gift and all the partners refer people to the giveaway event. If someone wants your gift they must subscribe to your list first.

4) Use pay per click advertising - create a nice squeeze page and advertise your free gift or free course using a pay per click search engine.


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