Best at Home Security Technology

Close to 2.5 million homes are robbed every year. Most of these burglaries happen to homes that do not have a security system. Homes without a security system will have a 300% chance of being robbed when compared to houses with an alarm system. Homeowners should secure their premises with an alarm to reduce their chances of being burglarized. The following information will explain the best at home security technology for residential households.

Nest Camproduct-footer-explore-e7658ad219

A nest cam is an important part of a home security system. The nest cam allows a homeowner to monitor their property at anytime and from any place. Nest cam users can stream high quality video to their phone. They can also integrate this camera with their thermostat which will shut it off when a homeowner is gone. It can also inform people if their smoke detector goes off by sending an update to their phone.

The Canary

The Canary is a high quality smartphone camera. It has motion sensors and wide angle lens for a greater view. This unit will send users live video feeds whenever they need to check on their premises. If a criminal does enter into a person’s home the unit will send an alarm to the monitoring company while producing a live feed to the homeowner. This camera can also measure environmental conditions within a person’s home so that a homeowner can adjust it to their comfort level.

Smart Locksaugust-smart-lock-hack1

Smart locks are highly advanced locking residential locking mechanisms that do not require keys. Homeowners use their smartphones instead. A person’s smartphone is loaded with an app. The app is programmed with a code and the code is the only thing that can unlock the doors. Smart lock technology is starting to catch on in many of the newer homes all over the country.

Smart Doorbells

Home security technology is getting more intense. Some security developers have been able turn doorbells into cameras that can record images and sounds. The doorbell can also be used as an intercom system. This particular type of technology gives a homeowner an added line of defense to their home security set up.

Fingerprint Scanners

Fingerprint scanners are now being used as a part of residential home security. These devices are now being used for doors and windows. While fingerprint scanners are nothing new this technology is becoming more common place in homes.

Advanced Integrated Security Systems

An advanced integrated security system is one that can secure every entry point into a person’s home. It can also be used to control the environment and to regulate lights, appliances and electronics. People can have their homes set up with an advanced integrated security system that comes complete with a computerized control hub and mobile technology capabilities. This type of set up in not cheap. However, an advanced integrated security system will provide solid protection and smart automation for any home once it has been installed.


Early Development Tools for Kids

When you are looking for early development tools for kids, baby walkers and baby play yards are two things that you do not want to miss out on.

How do Baby Walkers and playards Help?

Babies have a powerful urge to move across the floor. When they are placed in walkers for babies they squeal with delight because they can move around too easily.

1. Makes them have funKolcraft-baby-deluxe-child-baby-walker

These walkers bring the toys closer to the child and are a great source of entertainment for the child. All children love these baby walkers, thanks to the number of features that they have. This also gives the parents an opportunity to take a short break or carry on with their chores without being worried about the safety of the child.

2. Helps in the overall development of the child

Baby walkers help the baby exercise their body as well as their mind. They strengthen their back, legs and neck muscles. The gross motor skills of the baby are improved. Due to the variety of toys, their object exploration, cause and effect learning as well as their hand-eye co-ordination is improved. Due to the sounds and lights in it, their auditory and visual senses are sharpened as well.

3. They are really portable

They are easy to maintain and safe for the baby. The seat pad is machine washable and easy to remove. The toys can be removed and washed as well. The entire Walker is easy to maintain and wash off spills, which is great if it is used when parents are feeding the baby solid food.

Here are two products that you can choose.

Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker5141XCF12NL


The Walker is a big hit with a lot of parents and has some useful features. The walker measures around 19 x 6.5 x 14 inches and the shipping weight is 3.2 pounds.

It is a convertible tool that can be used as a gaming board or turn it into a walker. It can also help to develop motor skills of the babies at a very primary age. This is a Mexican origin product and a light weighted walker that gives a smooth support to the baby for its initial walks. The walker is well balanced helping kids feel more confident when they are taking their first steps.

The walker is also a fun-activity centre with lots of brilliant colours & it arrives pre-assembled.


The product features will rise curiosity among children & will inspire them to discover things. It includes a spinning ball, flipping panels, sliding beads, and turning gears.


This Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker reviews promise to give your kid a versatile walker.

Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery CenterpTRU1-20274720dt

This one’s a bit expensive but is sure one that your baby would ever need. The playard includes a mobile with two toys to keep your baby entertained. There are two styles of music, nature sounds and an input for MP3 player with sound control, dim lights and vibration which your baby will enjoy his or her time spent in the baby play yard.

The large wheels on this infant play pen facilitate moving it from room to room. Another product which is relatively similar to this Playard ;Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center, Hello Kitty Flower Dance;. Its dimensions and size are almost same but is more expensive than latter; with price of $161.77.

The features include removable full bassinet and canopy, and the one hand lock mechanism that can lock the playard in one go. There is also a Parent organizer that can help you keep all the things properly.

There are large wheels with brakes and even an input for MP3 players!

Top Rated Toys for Girls

Toys have and will always be important objects for children. Dolls, bicycles, jump ropes, hoola hoops, legos and tablets are items that will always be part of the world of play for children. Parents here are some of the top rated toys for girls that will help to entertain her mind while fueling it with creativity and fun.

Princess Sofia the First 9-Inch Dollprincess-sofia-dolls-9-inch-sofia-the-first

Many girls like to be princesses. This is something that their dads and moms tell them from an early age. Even if a child cannot be a princess; she can at least play with one. Sofia the First is the latest princess figure that is popular among the young girl crowd. The 9-inch doll version of this character is available for little princesses so they can have royal adventures and fantasy’s.

Disney Frozen Fever Elsa Doll

It was already stated that many little girls really enjoy playing princess. Another extremely popular princess doll is Elsa from Disney’s Frozen franchise. Else is a young lady that many little girls aspire to be. She is has the charm, smarts and beautiful good looks that is adored by everyone. Moms and dads that want to make their darling daughters smile on their birthday or during Christmas time should get her an Elsa princess doll.

Drone with Camera3e5acf835b44

Not all girls are sugar and spice and everything nice. Some young ladies are more mechanically inclined and like to play with technology more so than dolls. Drones with cameras are perfect for this group. A female can operate a remote controlled drone and fly it over an area. A drone unit that comes outfitted with a camera would be a better option for them. This type of technology allows a young female to explore the world around her and to indulge in her love of technology and science.

Dart Shooters and Water Guns

Young girls have an adventurous side too. Many toy water and dart gun makers create models exclusively for females. These models are created in traditional colors for females such as pink, light blue, lime green and purple which is an all time favorite hue for many girls. A female and duck, dodge, do flips, run and attack with their toy guns that are designed for safety and entertainment.


A tablet is a modern toy device. It is a computerized unit that operates with the use of a touch screen. A young girl can download her favorite application and play dress-up, put on makeup and even do their hair directly from a computer screen. Tablets can even help your little girl to learn and read books if that is what you (or she) desires.

Hover BoardsMattel_Hoverboard

Hover boards are fun small modes of transportation that a young girl can use once they learn how to ride. A hover board is like a bicycle or big wheel of the contemporary era. It is the latest form of personalized transportation technology that helps little people to get around with more mobility.

Art Supplies

Many females are artistic. Since they are they can use art supplies to help them to create various works of art. Crayons, oil paints, markers and colored pencils are just some of the many different materials that they can use to make masterpiece all on their own. These are just some of the many different toys that a young girl will enjoy using to play, grow and develop as a person.


Gadgets That Make Parenting Easier

Whether it is your first child or your third every parent could use a little help every now and then. This is where technology comes into play with all new gadgets that will make parenting easier while also keeping your baby safe. We have gathered eight of the best gadgets to make life with a baby run smoother.

1.Pacifier Thermometerbaby-pacifier-thermometer-xl

Taking a baby’s temperature it can be a challenge with all the wiggling and squirming they tend to do. But when you have a pacifier thermometer you no longer need to worry about taking their temperature. Just pop in this pacifier and in no time the temperature will appear.

2. Owlet baby monitor

Parents will always worry about their baby in the middle night, and instead of sneaking into their room to check on them, try out this baby bootie. This system uses pulse oximetry technology that monitors oxygen ad heart rates, all of this information is then available through the smartphone app. Just put on the baby sock on your baby and you are able to monitor them easily.

3.mimo Smart Baby Monitormimo-smart-baby-monitor2

If your baby wiggles around too much for the baby bootie monitor, then you should check this onesie that does almost the thing. With this onesie, you will be able to monitor baby’s sleep, breathing, body position and skin temperature right from your smartphone or tablet. If there is any change to your baby’s information you will be notified which will give you more peace of mind.

4. The self-installing car seat

With 95% of new parents using car seats incorrectly then having a self-installing car seat is just the thing to help remedy that. It uses sensor technology and robotics that will automatically level and adjust the seat so that it is always in the best position.

5. Beaba Babycook Baby Food Makerbeaba-babycook-baby-food-maker-c

If creating healthier foods for your baby is one of your top priorities then baby food maker is right up your alley. With this machine, you are able to cook all your vegetables, fruits, and meats. Then blend them up making delicious and healthier baby food.

6. Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

When it is feeding time things can get a little messy, but this food dispensing spoon will make things easier. Just fill up the bulb with up 3 ounces of food, attach the spoon end, and simply squeeze out the perfect spoonful amount of food. This making feeding baby on the go so much easier.

7. Zoli Baby Buzz B Electric Nail TrimmerZoli-Buzz-B-Nail-Trimmer-8-650

Keeping your baby’s nail trimmed will prevent them from scratching up their perfect little faces. Instead of using baby nail clippers, look into investing in an electric nail trimmer. This will safely trim your baby’s nails with a gentle oscillating motion.

8. Boon ‘Glo’ Color Changing Night Light

As your baby grows into a toddler having a nightlight can be an essential gadget to any bedroom. These color changing orbs sit on a base but can be removed and will continue to glow for up to 30 minutes from when they have been removed. This makes great nightlights and will make those night trips to the bathroom easier with the removable orbs.


Top Websites for Women

Parents are busy and are always looking for good advice for children, home, and career. The following websites are highlighted because they are considered the best sources for a variety of advice. These websites offer secrets for busy parents hungry for knowledge.


This is a blog supported by the Wall Street Journal. The blog provides content many professionals parents find interesting. Here parents find advice on handling family responsibilities, managing work, and the trade-offs all parents experience.

PIONEER WOMAN021e31f42fc00a8fe87f0f3d905fa701

Parents looking for a meal that provides comfort, yet is quick and easy may want to explore this site by Ree Drummond. The site provides step by step instructions and detailed pictures.


A website created by a mother. Here parents will find quick, easy and healthy recipes for children who are busy and constantly on the go. This site reflects the business of life and the need for family time.


This is a site that welcomes to a new generation of homemakers. The site covers the newest in art, sex, and food. It also offers a variety of restaurants located throughout the country.


The articles on this website are very lady like. This is where a lady, of any size, can find the latest nail styles and how to create them. The site is unique in that it has the ability to bring young and old women together in an inspiring way.

85 BROADSellevate

This is a member’s only website. Women from all over the world connect to inspire and empower other women. This site was started by women who are associated with Goldman Sachs.The name has changed to elevate women.


This website is provided by a nonprofit group and discusses the business world of women and the importance of their careers.

THE BUMP51pxm8oqIKL._SY384_BO1,204,203,200_

This a community website for couples attempting to conceive. Couples are available to help other couples experiencing similar issues and are available to offer support and advice.

It’s a world wide web that surrounds many parents. So, take the time to spin a world wide web full of good sources to help survive being the modern parent.

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Preventing Teenage Rebellion From Luring Online Predators

Parents of teenagers are usually under no illusions about the internet. They know it is dangerous, especially for a young person that thinks they know more than their parents. Sadly, the rebellion that teenagers often display means many parents end up establishing safety precautions that their child violates in secret, a hazard that could have been prevented by keeping these three tips in mind.

1) Do Not Hide The Truth:




There is no benefit to sheltering your child by lying about the reasoning for new rules in the house, and there could be lasting damage. First, teenagers are young and they sometimes do thoughtless things, but they are not stupid. They know the internet is dangerous too, and if you try to put them off about why you are worried, it could damage the trust they feel for you at a time when a loss of trust could lead to another kind of damage by a predator.

2) Get Their Input:


The great thing about being honest with your kids is then you gain another perspective, someone that quite likely understands technology better than you do. Talk to them about the dangers online, of course, but listen to their response as well. If your child feels that you are a safe person to talk to about things that may make them afraid or uncomfortable, it makes them more likely to come to you in the future, when it counts.

3) Don’t Smother Them:


Accept now that you cannot remove all danger from your child’s life, and don’t let the thoughts of one type of danger drive you to try and protect them from all dangers. Set up parental controls, talk to your child about what things they should never do, and add them on social networks. Still allow them privacy to a limited point, though. If you do not let them keep that, they will find a way to hide something else.

Securing the technological aspect will likely prove to be far easier than maintaining your patience with a teenager on many occasions. However, following the tips here at least will help keep the outside dangers at bay as you raise them, however unwillingly, to be adults.

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4 tech innovations that will change the parenting world.


Baby swings.

Initially, mothers used to swing their babies using their hands to make them happy or make them stop crying. Nowadays, the baby swings that comes with an audio which acts like a lullaby for babies has eradicated the physical swings completely. Mothers are therefore capable of doing their house chores normal because the swing keeps on swinging and the audio part keeps on singing for the baby. There is a small item with colored things that make the baby smile because it keeps on swinging as well ensuring that the baby is excited throughout. This has changed the parenting sequence and children keep calm and enjoy.

Invention of toys and walking aids.

Babies have their walking age shortened through the walking aids available. Once the baby starts to stand, it is given the support gadget to start using. This makes the baby to walk at an early age less than the 12months required. Initially, mothers used to support their kids to ensure that they walk early in life but today they don’t have to because everything is already catered for.

Innovation of online games.

Children no longer disturb their parents like before because they normally keep themselves busy on their laptops and electronic gadgets playing online games. This will change the parenting methods because parents do not do a lot of talking like before trying to correct children. Parents are just reminders of a few things that kids need to do like completing homework.

Parenting Blogs and sites.

It sounds like normal but it’s an invention. Blogs have helped parents to learn various things concerning parenting activities and through this, they have been able to become more responsible parents. Parents are therefore perfectly taught on how to handle various kind of kinds

3 reasons why you shouldn’t take your kids away from Technology.


Technology is the general hub of all the learning materials regardless of the age that a person is in. It is the best place where students can gather information of all kinds at once. There is autonomy when it comes searching for information.

Knowledge expansion.


Technology enables kids to have a broad spectrum of knowledge that they acquire online. It is not just what they are taught in class but if they are well educated on how to use technology, it becomes easy for them to acquire anything on the net. They become more of problem solvers because they can find the solution of any problem on the net.

Awareness on various things across the globe.

Through technology, kids are able to learn the world at a tender age. Through the various searches that they made, it becomes possible for them to know that people from certain places in the world practice certain things. This makes them to appreciate other people’s cultural practices and in the long run, they are able to understand and appreciate the differences in the world. Through this, it makes kids brave and know how to deal with people off all kinds since they understand that people have different backgrounds.

Technology is knowledge itself.

At this century we are in, Technology is itself knowledge. Many people have become gurus in technology because of inventing technological advanced things. If a kid starts to stick to technology at a tender age, his or her has a possibility of becoming innovative and making sure that entrepreneurship mind is created.

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How to use technology to educate your kids.


The education type in the current world that we are living in has been simplified through the use of technology. Students no longer use keep load of books as way of preserving what they have learnt in but rather they keep everything in software versions that are easy to read anywhere any time.

Get connected first.


You can only teach your kids perfectly through technology when you get connected to the internet. The net is where people get all the possible resources at any academic level that your kids are in. You have to search the topic then you want to teach your kids and all the information is going to be availed you.

Choose the perfect device which is suitable for learning.


You cannot use a mobile phone to teach your kids. This is because it is not only hard to operate but there are a lot of disruptions that one gets when using a phone. A desktop is always suitable and you need to ensure that your child abides to the lessons. Everything needed should be searched and availed to the kid.

Identify what your child wants and use that to educate him or her.

In some subjects, one can use the things that children like to make them learn perfectly. For example in math, when the kid is being taught how to solve some mathematical problems, the best toys should be used in the teaching process to enhance the learning of the kid.

Virtual classrooms.


There are platforms online where a student joins others from other places to learn a common subject. This is good because the child learns while you are observing him or her. It is a good method because only qualified teachers are allowed to handle kids online. This is the best move which makes students learn faster.

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